2012 Boat Rally

15th and 16th September

We thank those who brought their stalls and made such a varied weekend for our visitors.

Across the Pond; CRD Images; Shropshire Union Flyboat Restoration Society; Georges Pork and Poultry; HNBC; Phoenix Cards; RSPB; Jammy Cow; Whitchurch Town Twinning Association; Kenya Crafts; Que Sara Sara; Robert Swallow; IWA; SNCT; Beacon Church and Emma and Tracey who painted wonderful faces.

A great big thankyou to Bill Webb of Jigsmith who played all weekend for us with a variety of instruments and songs.  Thanks also to Rob and Sam who joined him on Saturday.

We thank those who brought their boats which made such an attractive display along the towpath with their bunting and flowers and clocks.  The theme this year was clocks.  Congratulations to nb Josephine Collier who won the Best Decorated Boat Competion.

The boats open to the public like Saturn,and those selling cheese, jewellery and painted ware added to the interest for visitors.

Dog Show

Famous T.V. local vet Steve Leonard  judged our Fun Dog Show and it was fun. He was excellent.

Most Handsome Dog: 1st Max shown by Sue; 2nd Archie shown by Derek and 3rd Pez shown by Emma

Prettiest Bitch:           1st Dottie shown by Fiona; 2nd Lilly shown by Phil and 3rd Becca

Cutest Puppy:            1st Archie shown by Derek and 2nd Elly shown by Lisa

Waggiest Tail             1st Louie shown by Ann; 2nd Poppy shown by Chris and 3rd Archie shown by Derek

Best Rescue:              1st Molly shown by Monica; 2nd Roamer shown by Yvonne and 3rd Dino shown by Tony

Best Sit/Stay:             1st Dottie shown by Fiona; 2nd Sultan shown by Martin and 3rd Dino shown by Tony

Dog the Judge Would Most Like to Take Home:   1st Roamer shown by Yvonne; 2nd Becca and 3rd Scruffy shown by Jasmine.

Best in Show was Dottie and Reserve Best in Show was Archie

Congratulations to all who took part.

Many thanks to Mike Ralph and the Whitchurch Dog Display Team who helped make Sunday a real day for a man (and woman) and his dog!

A great time was had by one and all and even the sun shone.